Norway – Part 1 – Oslo

Several things stood out on our trip to Norway.

1) There is no trash anywhere, that we could see.

2) The capital city is smaller than we expected.  And honestly, I don’t know why we expected a sprawling metropolis, but we didn’t expect it to be smaller than Austin at almost 700k people.

3) The sun was still up at midnight.  Yes, yes.  I know that it’s really far north.  But, coming from a place where the sun sets at 6 pm every night, 365 days of the year, it was a little odd to see the sun at midnight.

4) It was really, really creepy to be up at 7 am downtown and not see one single person walking around on a Monday morning.  Not a car on the streets.  It was almost like the zombie apocalypse had occurred and everyone was dead except us.  And because the Norwegians are so clean, even the zombies didn’t litter.  In fact, we didn’t see a car on the road until we left Oslo on the way to the airport several miles out of town.  Really creepy.

So, in making the video, I realized that I really don’t have a whole lot of photos worth looking at.  And the cool stuff we didn’t capture….like me rappelling off the back of the Ski Jump.  Call it jet lag.  Or, that I just was too freaked out to think.  This was also the first foray into using a selfie stick and capturing our experiences.  So, I left the goofs in, so you can feel my pain.  And hopefully, have a good laugh.

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